Williamson & Son Paving are low-cost asphalt pavers near you in Johnston, RI.

Our well-trained driveway contractors create impeccable municipal, residential, and commercial asphalt paving. We are your go-to asphalt paving contractors in Johnston, RI. Because we offer a broad range of paving services which include:

  • Asphalt installation (driveways, parking lots)
  • Development of subbase pavement
  • Asphalt repairs and maintenance
  • Patchwork repairs
  • Overlay and resurfacing
  • Pothole repairs
  • Reclamation
  • Tar and chip work
  • Seal coating
  • Pavement Milling

When you’re looking for asphalt contractors in Johnston, RI, you should check out our company. We are an accredited company with proficient asphalt paving contractors and project managers. Our asphalt paving crew is ready to serve you at all times of the week from Mon-Fri, 6:00 am – 10:00 pm and Sat-Sun, 6:00 am – 10:00 pm. Furthermore, employing our paving services is an affordable asphalt paving cost.

We are a local asphalt paving contractor in Johnston, RI. But we are also available to travel for work in neighboring cities. We have adequate technical support that will meet all your pavement requirements. Try us out today, and we promise that you will have no regrets.


Johnston, RI and surrounding areas have no paving worries because our company is at your service. Although our company is based near Johnston, our asphalt contractors are prepared to serve the area at large. They conduct neat work because we use a leaf blower machine to clear the area before and after the dirty work. In addition to this, we also offer professional advice to our clients. We assure you that our contractors will build a durable asphalt pavement for you. Our capable foremen build an asphalt pavement that is intended to last for approximately 20 years. However, if you can keep up with maintenance, we believe that the asphalt pavement can last even longer. We know how to combine the appropriate equipment and a perfect mixture of materials. Before building an asphalt pavement, we look into aspects like soil conditions, climate, and duress. Our asphalt paving contractors look into all the previously listed factors to create resistant pavements. As our client, our project is focused on giving you the best result for your money’s worth.

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Asphalt paving cost is generally less expensive than concrete installation. Our company’s asphalt paving cost is always affordable to the residents of Johnston, RI. However, surface build-up, components, machinery, and cleanup fees also apply. But we can assure you that our asphalt paving cost is still very much affordable. We use high-grade machines, and our contractors will surely create smooth asphalt pavements in your driveway. The smoothness of your road will also save you money that you will naturally spend on car repairs. Which is why it is advisable to pave your road to avoid long-term car repair cost as it helps to minimize wear and tear in car tires.


We have expert asphalt driveway contractors in Johnston, RI and nearby places. Our asphalt driveway contractors are skilled in the use of trucks, dozers, and excavators during the pavement process. You should award us with the contract of your asphalt paving, and we assure you a satisfactory job. Besides, our contractors are creative and can build a unique asphalt driveway design, or create according to your desired design.

Furthermore, our builders will remain available to you even after the completion of the job because of the maintenance of the asphalt pavement which includes surface treatments or thin overlays. The maintenance should be conducted within 7 – 10 years after asphalt installation. With us, you will get satisfactory results. 

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