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A well-defined driveway is the envy of all eyes, visitors and customers alike. This is why Williamson & Son Paving remains the best contractor for the installation of your driveways at the lowest cost in Johnston, RI. With our several years of experience on asphalt driveway projects, we pay the utmost attention to every detail and provide the most excellent services.

We also specialize in repairs, resurfacing, and maintenance of different types of driveways. At our company, we forge a close relationship with our esteemed customers, and we always strive to perform beyond your expectations.


We have a team of the best driveway contractors in Johnston, RI, always ready to assist you. We offer ideas, accurate recommendations, and we work according to your driveway budget. No driveway installation project is too difficult or too small for our very skillful and experienced contractors.

Given our industry-leading professionalism, we commit to providing a standard restorative solution that is time and cost-efficient to your driveway. We achieve this with no disruption to your activities. Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you own a home, landscape, or have commercial goals, we are up to the task!


Usually, the average cost for the construction of a driveway is dependent upon many factors. Factors such as the prices of materials and finishing, surface areas and volume of the materials, preparation, and labor rates all have an effect on the price.

However, a driveway is much more cost-friendly than concretes or asphalts. In addition, we use the highest quality of asphalt on the market to ensure that our services turn out perfect. It is important to note that asphalt is also a material that requires low maintenance. That is because it responds quite well to thawing and freezing, and it allows for easy repair.

We use materials that last indefinitely for your driveways at amazing costs, while properly leveling and maintaining them so that they can last for decades without a final overhaul. Our contracting company achieves for you a completely functional and attractive driveway that would last for years with minimum upkeep.

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Driveway installation projects are relatively easy when you find the right company like ours. Our installation process ensures that the grading is well-leveled and prevents dips from forming. Where it requires a measure of great leveling, we excavate or fill up the area.

We will power rake, level the area and spread the asphalt. All depending on the size of your driveway to give it that smooth and professional look. Don’t forget, we also have the proper technology to provide larger parking driveways and areas.


Consumers all over Johnston, RI, recognize us as a driveway contracting company that is environmentally-aware. This is in contrast to conventional driveway surfacing techniques.

Economically, we are a reliable investment on a local, state, national and global level. We push your business for success in the present and future in terms of maintenance and restoration of all-natural and surface materials.

We offer services in the elimination of all rolls, fixing of potholes, pre-frost leveling, and many more. In Johnston, RI, our driveway contractors have garnered a reputation for helping customers save time, resources and money. We achieve all of these as we convert your driveway to a state-of-art area! We also service customers in Stafford Springs, CT, and nearby communities. So call us to schedule a consultation today.

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